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An Adoni Films Production

Approx. 60 Minutes
DVD Format - NTSC and PAL - No Region Restrictions


Nostradamus the Movie reveals the LONG LOST 1566 Editon of the famous Prophecies of Nostradamus has been found.

Everything you have read or seen on Nostradamus until this movie is wrong, since every work before this was based on a 1568 edition of Nostradamus that is a FORGERY. Yes, the 1568 Edition is PROVEN to be an early forgery in this Movie. Now you can see how accurate Nostradamus really was about events such as 911.

The 1566 Edition of Nostradamus PROVES the great seer was even more accurate about the future than he has been given credit for! You can view a high quality video file of this film ON-LINE if you have high-speed internet.

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